Playing with Clojure and sampling algos

Over the last few months I’ve been learning Clojure. Best way to learn I find is to use what you learn for something you find useful or interesting. This morning, while browsing Hacker News, I found myself reading about Vitter’s reservoir sampling algorithm, with an example developed in Ruby. After spending a little bit of time… Read More »

The curious case of DynamoDB pricing

Each year, during the AWS re:invent conference I’m always eager to follow the keynote presentations, and then selectively dig into some of the breakout sessions. Besides the Docker integration, Aurora interested me quite a bit. I’m really looking forward to seeing some further performance tests coming out, something I’m sure will happen as soon a people… Read More »

Building a better DynamoDB throughput scaling tool, part 2

A month back I blogged about wanting a better throughput scaling tools for DynamoDB. Not having been able to find an existing tool that ticked all my boxes, I ended up scratching my own itch and developed a small Java tool that runs in the background, monitoring a set of DynamoDB tables. The tool satisfy… Read More »

Building a better DynamoDB throughput scaling tool

I use DynamoDB, Amazon Web Services’ managed NoSQL data store. It’s a fantastic tool, where there’s basically no management needs placed on me. That’s with two exceptions: Backups Throughput scaling Backups is fine. I built a small tool that gets the latest changes and stores them elsewhere. Throughput scaling is a bit more involved so I… Read More »

The First Rule of Stealth Mode Is..

Apparently, according to the internet, the first rule of stealth mode is not to be that stealthy.. I don’t know, didn’t know, nor cared too much about that. For the last 2-3 years I’ve been working a lot in complete secrecy on a quantitative trading strategy. Only a few close friends and some family knew… Read More »