Rebooting my life

Scott Addison sums it up quite well with two words: trepidation and optimism.

As I’m preparing for London, selling my apartment, giving away or selling most of my stuff, my car. Packing up my beloved stereo; I’m addicted to music, and good music requires a great stereo. It’s close to complete now, just about a month before I head over to London. I’ve always said that I only move from one city to a bigger one. That’s true ones more, as I move from Oslo, Norway, to London. I sure also hope it’s a greater one..?

None the less, it feels good. Finally moving on again. I’ve always “rebooted”, started on something new, leaving things behind every 3-5 year the last 10-15 years. That’s basically half my life, and it has always turned out to be a good decision.

I expect this to be the same, as I’m leaving for Cass, starting on something that has been a keen interest of mine for quite some time now. But the stakes are higher this time. I’m older, and I’m leaving a good paying job with an offer for an even better paying job. I’m actually not expecting to earn as much as I currently could just after finishing Cass, but I do expect to make that up again after a few years. Also, some times passion must prevail 😉

Looking forward to one intense and interesting year, meeting new friends, extending my network. And let’s not forget, it’s only about a 2-3 hour flight between London and Oslo, so all my good old friends will not be forgotten!

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Hi Christian,

Reading your blog is a pleasure. I am sure you’ve made the right choice, one year in Cass and in London does make a difference and things will be better and greater in the future!

I am doing MSc Finance this year, I also think this year will be intense and interesting, I am really looking forward to this and I also want to meet you soon on campus.

Take care,


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