My portfolio performance

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4 thoughts on “My portfolio performance

  • Just wanted to say well done, very nice work. Clicked on the link from Facebook and kept on getting carried away with the different categories on the side. Very new to finance so can’t really comment on that, but like your way of writing as well as the website itself.

    • Thanks Marwan, always nice to get some positive feedback 🙂

  • Hi Christian,
    From Jan 2008 until today, we are looking at a three year period. Looks like you did very well during the crisis (2008- March 2009) and have performed rather flat since. It is not uncommon for systems to perform well just after their last optimization (probably end 2007 ?). The problem is to see this pattern continued in time.

    • Hi Marc,

      Three years indeed, fixed, thanks.

      Regarding optimization, guess I could have included a bit more technical details here: The system constantly re-optimizes it self. What was fixed during the period was the number and distinct type of strategies, as well as the stocks they operate on.

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