Going all in

I thought I’d start using my personal blog here to begin blogging about my full time venture into releasing and growing my AgoraOpus Portfolio Construction service.

While I’ll be using the blog section over there to write about the specifics on that service / site, I’ll try to use my blog here to post more about the process, different things I’m going to try out, social media strategies, customer acquisitions, and whatever else fit better here than there.

So here’s the first post about that 🙂

On Wednesday all the final technical details were in place to be able to release the site on and the new “front page” site at Not much more will happen on, so the main site going forward is very much

The name AgoraOpus is somewhat a translation from Greek and Latin, with Agora referencing a marketplace and Opus a project. So AgoraOpus is the marketplace project. But I thought was a more descriptive domain for what we actually aim to do, so as part of the v2 release I moved everything over to that domain.

I say v2 release, because a year ago I did a sort of beta release. Things have changed a bit since that release, including simplifying the data we present which I think is very important. We now basically do most of the work for you and present a “done product”. Doesn’t mean there not many methods of applying the results, but it’s certainly a more polished product now than it was during the beta period.

But this is why we do betas, right? We want early feedback, and then take the product forward. Feedback is actually something I’d always welcome, as it is critical in helping to guide me towards better decisions.

Anyway, got a fair bit of good traffic form the first blog post, and a few users signed up as well. One thing we changed from the beta was to make the site more open. You can now browse around on it without needing to sign up. This is also important I think, as it gives a potential user a better feel for what this is. And if you sign in, you get access to more up to date data. That was the main work the last few weeks before go live, to enable the server back-end to handle guest user sessions.

There’s still plenty of technical work left, but nothing too urgent hopefully. That means my focus can shift towards marketing and social media. That involves writing blog posts, and otherwise being active on various places on the internet. Although I’ve had a blog for many years, and of course used social media in various forms, using it for that sort of purpure is somewhat new. So that will be a learning curve for sure, but that is a good thing anyway.

That’s it for now I think, keep an eye on this blog for more in the near future!