Pushing on

Been live for around 3.5 weeks, and let me tell you, it’s been a breath of fresh air to finally be able to focus on content rather than just technical work.

We’re 7 blog posts and a couple of simple YouTube videos in, and yes, writing that often is a bit of a stretch. But, it forms a very important part of the general introduction and documentation for what AgoraOpus is all about.

A couple more posts and I think I have what could be labeled as the intro pack. Then I’ll use that to create an intro page, and link to them from there.

Another great thing about writing this sort of content is that it really does give it some exposure. Plenty of traffic, users signing up and mailing list growing. This is really, really, great. It helps validate the project.

Having been live for a little while now has helped me identify a few thing I’d like to change on the site, so as the blog posts get ticked off, I’ll start focusing more on the technical side again to address these. More on that later..