2 projects in parallel

I’ve been working hard on the AgoraOpus project over at portfolio construction for a few months now.

It’s been great to finally be able to focus fully on this, as it’s been a side project for so long. Many things have been put in place since the start of the year. Examples include a social media strategy, where we’re now consistently growing followers and mailing list membership. Also the technical side is moving on nicely, with some much needed optimizations soon to hit the site. That will make it load a lot faster, which I know everyone is waiting for. An of course, the most important thing (which is why I’m doing this), it continues to produce market beating returns.

After that there is a few more site changes to make it more user friendly, before beginning the end of the beta period. This will involve adding more companies to the pack (aiming for 600), and enabling subscriptions.

Now, while the portfolio construction project might be a bit like investments in general, where you want to plant the seed and let it grow over time, there’s also another project I’m starting.

This is different and is closer to my previous work background related to consultancy and FinTech. In short, it’s a blog and a service company, called LEDGERPATH. And it will focus on educating and providing services related to blockchain and DLT. I believe there’s huge future potential in that industry, as it becomes obvious what value benefit this technology will bring. And I’m looking forward to demonstrate this.

So I’ve initially started focusing on producing content for the new site, with more to come there soon as well.