AKAP taking form

Last couple of weeks the AKAP utils and AKAP docs have started taking form.

With already two beta releases of AKAP utils on NPM things are moving forward quickly, as often is the case early on. While they are 0.9.x releases (beta), all the stuff in there is well tested. You’re very much encouraged to take it for a spin. And of course, feedback always welcome!

The documentation is an important part of being able to “take software for a spin”, and much of the docs focus on patterns. These are software patterns showing how you can apply the AKA protocol, using AKAP utils, to make that easier. Like with AKAP utils, the docs are also a work in progress, with further patterns to be added soon.

The fun thing about thinking through patterns when writing the docs is that you start thinking of additional patterns. It becomes a very fruitful exercise, and I’m looking forward to fill it all in.