Raspberry Pi vs room temp

About 2 weeks ago I released my Sigbla framework for working with data in tables. As it also provides charting abilities, I now had the perfect tool to build myself a Raspberry Pi temperature dashboard.

I have over the last few months been logging the temperature of my Raspberry Pi together with the room temperature (using an external sensor connected via USB). As my RPi is passively cooled, its idle temperature will depend on the room temperature.

My always running, occasionally busy, passively cooled, Raspberry Pi 4

That should make it possible to build a model that can calculate the room temperature simply from the internal Raspberry Pi temperature. Combine this with the current system load, which I also log, and it should also be possible to compensate for the difference between idle and active temperature as well.

Raspberry Pi vs room temperature (in °C)

I’ll get back to the model at some later point, but from my simple chart observations it should be easy enough to apply some linear regression to this challenge when building such a model.

I’ve uploaded the code and data for the above chart onto GitHub.