Mining NuPoW Crystal tokens

Not long ago I released the NuPoW Crystal tokens, an implementation of ERC-20 tokens utilizing the new Proof-of-Work algorithm called NuPoW for token minting. The contract has no admin, and there’s no premine on these tokens. The core thing about NuPoW is that it limits the amount of energy used for mining NuPoW tokens through… Continue reading Mining NuPoW Crystal tokens

For the tech and some ERC-20s

I work in ‘web3’. What’s ‘web3’ ? It’s complicated, and something I can talk about for hours. In short, it involves removing intermediaries/gatekeepers and putting the user in the center through technology empowerment. So what is it I do? Well, mainly I focus on the technology, and related strategy work. How can you make use… Continue reading For the tech and some ERC-20s