One year of blogging

On this day one year ago, 10th of June 2010, I started this blog. And I’ve been able to keep it up, with at least one post a month, and 20 posts in total. Given that I set a goal of posting 2-4 times a month, that’s not too far off. Looking at the Google […]

Brief update from London

So just to give you all a brief update and let you know I haven’t abandoned my blog. Moved over to London as you might know, and just finished the first two (induction) weeks at my new school. A lot of stuff going on, a lot of interesting people and new friends 🙂 So basically […]

Rebooting my life

Scott Addison sums it up quite well with two words: trepidation and optimism. As I’m preparing for London, selling my apartment, giving away or selling most of my stuff, my car. Packing up my beloved stereo; I’m addicted to music, and good music requires a great stereo. It’s close to complete now, just about a […]

Blogging again

So, is it time to start blogging again? I don’t know, but I’ll give it a shot. I’ve had a few blogs before, but they never had any specific focus. That will change this time, with a focus on near and dear topics.