We don’t have 300 friends, and neither do we have all those LinkedIn skills

Remember when having 300 friends wasn’t possible? Well, it’s still not possible, if you want to have any sort of meaningful relationship with each of them. There simply isn’t enough free time, and also, why would you bother? Sure, having 300 acquaintances is possible, given all the people we regularly interact with. But that’s what happened with Facebook. […]

RSS is dying, and you shouldn’t give a shit

So I came across a blog post stating that RSS is dying and that it somehow should bother you..

Don’t get me wrong, RSS is a nice piece of technology. Getting everyone one to agree on a way of distributing content is always a good thing. And as the blog post I’m replying to states, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the interface.

But that interface has already been built and is heavily in use everyday..