Resource aware queue

For the TLDRs: This blog post presents the reasoning behing a project called ResourcePriorityBlockingQueue which is a blocking queue implementation that: Allows you to assign priority on tasks, just as with a PriorityBlockingQueue. Tasks may belong to task groups where each group may have a different priority. In that case, tasks are prioritized by group… Continue reading Resource aware queue

Oracle Coherence and MapReduce

I spend a lot of my time working with Oracle Coherence. If you’ve never heard of Coherence it can briefly be described as a linearly scalable in-memory HashMap. By linearly scalable I mean a distributed HashMap, where each cluster member is responsible for storing a portion of the complete map. As everything is in-memory you maintain… Continue reading Oracle Coherence and MapReduce

Hashing passwords

If there’s one thing that really annoy me, it’s when I forget my password at some random website, ask for a password reminder and get my old password sent back to me in clear text in an email. This shows so many levels of ignorance in the people that developed the system, that I immediately feel like… Continue reading Hashing passwords

Node.js, is this the next big thing?

Although I did briefly notice node.js a few months back, it didn’t really catch my interest until I saw this video; Node.js: JavaScript on the Server. I’ve been developing JavaScript on the client (browser) side more or less for the last 5 years. And I didn’t enjoy it too much right away, but with libraries like jQuery, Prototype,… Continue reading Node.js, is this the next big thing?