Pushing on

Been live for around 3.5 weeks, and let me tell you, it’s been a breath of fresh air to finally be able to focus on content rather than just technical work. We’re 7 blog posts and a couple of simple YouTube videos in, and yes, writing that often is a bit of a stretch. But,… Read More »

Going all in

I thought I’d start using my personal blog here to begin blogging about my full time venture into releasing and growing my AgoraOpus Portfolio Construction service. While I’ll be using the blog section over there to write about the specifics on that service / site, I’ll try to use my blog here to post more… Read More »

Tracking my laptop battery

Some time ago I read “The (De-) evolution of My Laptop Battery“. At the time I had an old (2008 model I believe) MacBook Pro, on it’s first (or second) battery, and that battery was already heavily degraded. Because of that I saw no need to start logging the current battery capacity, but I made… Read More »