Raspberry Pi vs room temp

About 2 weeks ago I released my Sigbla framework for working with data in tables. As it also provides charting abilities, I now had the perfect tool to build myself a Raspberry Pi temperature dashboard. I have over the last few months been logging the temperature of my Raspberry Pi together with the room temperature… Continue reading Raspberry Pi vs room temp

Towards a decentralized future

It’s obvious isn’t it? That we’re heading towards a decentralized future? It might be that it’s just obvious to me, since I’m so deeply involved in this, but the signs are everywhere. From Meta and Twitter collapsing, to oil being replaced by renewables. This shift is aligning us for a new mega trend, one which… Continue reading Towards a decentralized future

We’re on the telnet stage of blockchain

Much is being discussed on Twitter and Reddit about the censoring of transactions on Ethereum. As can be seen on MEV Watch, around half of all blocks, as of right now, follow the OFAC recommendations, censoring transactions against Tornado Cash and similar. It doesn’t take much imagination among Ethereum haters and Bitcoin maxis to declare… Continue reading We’re on the telnet stage of blockchain