The First Rule of Stealth Mode Is..

Apparently, according to the internet, the first rule of stealth mode is not to be that stealthy.. I don’t know, didn’t know, nor cared too much about that. For the last 2-3 years I’ve been working a lot in complete secrecy on a quantitative trading strategy. Only a few close friends and some family knew [...]

Only the Good Die Young (or Move Off-heap?)

Having some spare time over the Easter weekend I thought I’d spend a little time trying out a few things, including: Java 8 Direct memory allocation with sun.misc.Unsafe So I made a hash-map implementation that stores map entries on memory allocated outside the typical JVM heap: BinaryOffheapHashMap First of all: The GC process in Java is a lifesaver, allowing [...]

The economic scalability of DynamoDB

I’ve been using DynamoDB for a few months now after re-architecting a system which started becoming painful to scale on a traditional RDBMS system. The problem wasn’t necessarily read/write performance but rather the total storage space needed as a lot of “unstructured” blobs was stored in the DB. DynamoDB gives me a care free setup [...]