Tracking my laptop battery

Some time ago I read “The (De-) evolution of My Laptop Battery“. At the time I had an old (2008 model I believe) MacBook Pro, on it’s first (or second) battery, and that battery was already heavily degraded. Because of that I saw no need to start logging the current battery capacity, but I made… Read More »

Amazon Aurora Performance, as a NoSQL store

I’ve written previously about both Amazon Aurora and DynamoDB, and the massive price difference between them. To recap, with some back of the envelope calculations, based on the limited Aurora information available, DynamoDB was found to be 28 times more costly. At that point it becomes worthwhile to look at alternatives. So here’s one alternative:… Read More »

Rust, is this the next big thing?

In 2010 I wrote a blog post called “Node.js, is this the next big thing?” I came to think about that again this week when I randomly watched Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman’s video about the Play Framework at LinkedIn. Combine this with the progress of Scala.js and ClojureScript and I think we can conclude that node.js was very… Read More »

Playing with Clojure and sampling algos

Over the last few months I’ve been learning Clojure. Best way to learn I find is to use what you learn for something you find useful or interesting. This morning, while browsing Hacker News, I found myself reading about Vitter’s reservoir sampling algorithm, with an example developed in Ruby. After spending a little bit of time… Read More »