What about L3?

Like I mentioned on LinkedIn a couple of weeks back, Dencun/4844 was Ethereum’s broadband moment. The blob transactions enabled by that hardfork network upgrade enabled a new type of storage space for unstructured data. Very soon after this change, we saw transaction prices on Layer 2s, like Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism drop significantly, often over… Continue reading What about L3?

Mining NuPoW Crystal tokens

Not long ago I released the NuPoW Crystal tokens, an implementation of ERC-20 tokens utilizing the new Proof-of-Work algorithm called NuPoW for token minting. The contract has no admin, and there’s no premine on these tokens. The core thing about NuPoW is that it limits the amount of energy used for mining NuPoW tokens through… Continue reading Mining NuPoW Crystal tokens

When does it stop being a stablecoin?

In “traditional finance”, we’ve got something called a derivative. In short, a derivative derives it’s value based on some underlying asset. In the “new finance” world of blockchain and DeFi, we’ve got something called a stablecoin, where the price of the coin is pegged to some underlying asset. So a stablecoin is just a derivative… Continue reading When does it stop being a stablecoin?

A different take on blockchain with encrypted functions

While blockchain remains highly volatile, both as a technology and as assets tied to them, I’d like to take a step back and review the approach. What is a blockchain? It’s a linked list of events, linked together through some cryptographic hashing mechanism, that forever ties one block to another. And such a blockchain is… Continue reading A different take on blockchain with encrypted functions