A different take on blockchain with encrypted functions

While blockchain remains highly volatile, both as a technology and as assets tied to them, I’d like to take a step back and review the approach. What is a blockchain? It’s a linked list of events, linked together through some cryptographic hashing mechanism, that forever ties one block to another. And such a blockchain is… Continue reading A different take on blockchain with encrypted functions


For a while I’ve wanted to write something about stablecoins, these tokens on the blockchains, that are backed by some underlying asset. Usually we associate stablecoins with those backed by a currency, like USD or Euros. But it doesn’t need to be backed by currency, it can be backed by commodities, stocks, bonds, etc. This… Continue reading Stablebomb

Flash loans

What would you do if you could borrow a near unlimited amount of money, only need to pay the interest, and not need to provide any collateral? Sure, we have something like that with credit cards, at an outrageous interest rate, and with fairly small credit limits. But what if I’d give you this non-collateralized… Continue reading Flash loans